Welcome to Screaming Candle

Hello and welcome to Screaming Candle, the publishing outlet for the fiction of Patrick Lewis.

At present the web serial “The Strange” is spooling out Mondays and Wednesdays and can be reached either by the menu to the side or here!

But there is more to come than just the escapades of our superpowered slackers, so watch this space.  We have trips planned for the inner psyche, outer space, the depths of hell, and, of course, north Florida.  If you would like to help you can always become a patron at Patreon here:

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So that’s it.  This site will be free to read, but donations keep the lights on and keeps the muse’s beer fridge in good working order.  Please tell a friend, list or rate us where you see us and remember to keep being weird.

Quick note – Updates on “The Strange” will be skipped on 3/22 and 3/27.  Will return 3/29 refreshed and spunky.