Screams From the Candle – Damnit! Life Happened.

Hi.  It’s now been a pretty rough stretch for The Strange and for me generally.  My wife has made a couple of trips to the hospital and is still not completely on the mend and Everybody had their birthday including and most importantly my now eight year old son.  Getting his birthday together, especially with Mrs. Candle in questionable and inconsistent shape has been a journey.  One that is, happily, approaching closure with a good time being had by all.  There is still the whole hospital thing, but hey… you always want to leave something for the sequel.

So anyway, I’m still working, haven’t died or given up.  The Strange has now been listed on Web Fiction Guide and while people aren’t exactly flocking to the story, the numbers are up off the mat.  To be clear though, the whole reason to publish The Strange is to get the story out of my hands.  I’m essentially throwing it out the airlock so that I don’t have to think about writing it anymore.  Ironically, in order to do that, I must both think about it and write on it some more and this has been my issue.

Episode 16, you see, is completely new.  Most of what has been put up so far has been a draft that simply required polish.  This next bit was something I came up with to hopefully improve the whole of the story.  It had been planned in my head but not written.  Given all that has happened I never got to sit down and get it written out.  Now it is, but it’s rougher than my normal fare.  It’s going well, but that doesn’t mean it’s done; you know what I mean?

And yes, I just used a semicolon in something other than computer code.

So sorry.  Life happened.  I believe that I will start publishing weekly.  I don’t want to be caught in this bind again and I don’t want to be left with no time to write anything else.  Oh yes, I have other projects in mind for after The Strange which will be slightly less puerile in nature and tone.  Thanks to anyone and everyone who has been reading.  I hope I’ve made the time worthwhile.

Stay Weird

Patrick Lewis


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