Screams from the Candle – Going Quiet

Well, the last Screams from the Candle laid out the shitstorm that is my current predicament.  While things are getting resolved, the big one, my dad having a very hard time health-wise, is not.  Papa Candle has been up and down and up and down healthwise in some very serious circumstances, especially for an old guy.

For the time being, I’m going to try to get on with it but I am NOT going to tie myself to the promise of a particular schedule.  As I only have a handful of readers, that’s likely not going to break many hearts.  The Strange will keep poking along and when I have time enough to get a groove going, I’ll get back to a reasonable schedule.  There is a huge amount of story still left to go and we haven’t even fully wrapped on Act 1.

Writing is a therapy for me, but at the same time, I’ll be traveling, possibly for weeks, and visiting with my family who needs my support.  We’ve unfortunately already been here before with my sister, but having Papa down is really a weird feeling.  He’s always been the guy at the middle of things.

Please do not send thoughts and prayers.  People always do that and it’s nonsense. Instead, if you really want to do something for a stranger, hug your kid, or your dad, or your loved one, or that weird guy at the corner store that smells like roast beef.  Be nice to the barista.  In short, instead of doing something useless that only makes you feel better, be nice to people, or at the very least, don’t be a dick.  Papa Candle has us in his corner and that’s enough.  Improve your own world and do it on our behalf if you really need an excuse.

So with that quick status, I’m going to bump out a few things onto the Liquid Wax portion of the site and maybe have the second and final part of the current Strange Story (that has already gone on too long) before cutting out to Candle Base South to be with the fam.

The short story is that the site is not dead, only recuperating.  Now go be nice to people and tell the roast beef guy to shower more often.

Stay weird


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