Screams from the Candle – Sucks to be Old


Quick update since I’m not able to update you with any fiction.  I’m down here in Texas with the family because my dad had a … surgical misadventure.  That sounds much better than what actually happened – kinda like some vacation or something.  Anyway, after more than a few scary moments – and most of them handled entirely by my brother and Mom while I was still in the Screaming Candle home base of Washington DC, he’s got as good a chance of surviving as anyone else on the planet.

Now, he’s totally screwed up and thank all the powers of creation that pain medications and antibiotics are a thing, but it’s no longer a question of “is he going to make it.” which really helps the mood at the bedside.

All this to say that updates are going to be fewer.  That’s especially a bummer since some new people have stumbled over from Revfits’s review, which is still making me blush. I’ve got things that are almost ready to rock and am writing new on other stories.  I really just don’t have the time or the right connection to post them and honestly, aside from this little respite, my mind is otherwise engaged.  It’s great that people are reading, but family comes first.

So keep checking back.  The site’s not dead. And above all else – Stay weird.


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