Screams from the Candle – WOM

Hi all.  I’m not sure how many people actually read these, but I wanted to throw out a request to anyone who is interested in what you read here at Screaming Candle to help me out.  I’m offering this stuff up for free, but please, if you like it – share it.  Likes on the posts, follows for the site if you’re a wordpress person, comments, all those things help raise the site’s profile.  That helps others who might like the story, find the story.

I’m not advertising the site so the two ways I’m able to reach people who may be into The Strange or the stuff I’m putting out as Liquid Wax is through automated ranking things and Word Of Mouth.  This would help out the site, it would help me justify to every other priority in my life that getting the story up is important to people, and it also shows that you have a refined taste for things that are high concept and low humor.

Going back just a bit to Liquid Wax, I’m also trying to determine my next project.  The Strange is now weekly so that I have enough time to write new.  Ms. Candle wants more stories like Idle Hands – Episode 2 – Temporary Assignment, others may find that slightly too evil.  And you just have to love my girl – she wants me to be evil.  When I get home from taking care of my family (see the previous Screams from the Candle – Sucks to be Old for details – Papa Candle is doing much better, by the way) I’ll be putting up another “Pilot” story called Crabtree, a slightly less evil play on ghost hunting.  I like both of these stories, but I’d like to hear from people who actually read them (and aren’t related to me) to see which one has better legs.

And for those interested in sponsoring me on patreon, it is my intent to take 100% of that and turn it into art for this site.  I wish there was a better way to do that and maybe someone can give me a hand.  See above about how I’m kinda crap with social media and stuff.

So that’s it.  This concludes my … commercial break, I suppose.  The next episode of The Strange won’t be up on time today barring miracles.

Stay weird.


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