Making a Quick Change


This is an administrative type of message because I’m going to make a change to the site operations and I thought it would be rude to do without explanation.

I talked to WordPress support about the fact that I keep getting likes from my posts without anyone actually viewing them.  He mentioned that it is because people who follow the site get content mailed to them, or could.

I’ll be blunt, I like pageviews.  But more than that, I rely on traffic stats to tell me if I’m reaching anyone or if what I’m doing is full-out pointless.  So I’m changing the follow emails to only put out summaries rather than the whole post.  This will make anyone following actually click the link and get recorded as a view.

This requires more work from the people who have signed up to follow and I apologize. Having never worked with this system and not using the follow mechanism myself, I didn’t realize what was going on.  From my point of view, pageviews went down as follows and likes went up, which made exactly zero sense.

Please comment here or email me if this is a problem for your access to the story.  I’ve worked with enough people using sight readers (audio readers for blind folks) to know that moving the cheese like this could be an issue and I’d like to be as accommodating as possible.

So that’s it.  Stay Weird!


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