Thought I’d drop a line to let everyone know that I’m not dead and I haven’t given up on The Strange.  This quiet period is a reflection of me FREAKING OUT in my other-than-writing life.  While my dad is doing surprisingly well, considering how sick he was just two months ago, my father in law is not so great.  I’ve had a few stretches of being a single parent while Mrs. Candle went to help out and I will freely admit that I am terrible at it.  My son, the Little Candle, likes it because it’s pizza and iPad time, but… well, I’m not winning dad of the year here and it stresses me out like crazy.  My wife is a treasure.

Anyway, blah blah blah life blah blah day job blah.  As much as I would like to keep this on a schedule, I can’t let that be a stressor.  I’ve too many of them already that take precedence, with people counting on me.  The next episode will be up as soon as I can get my head on straight and pound the suck out of it.  I’m also cooking up some new things, which will sit and stew for a while till they are ripe.

In short, I’m still here and I’ll be getting back to you once I stop TRIPPIN’ BALLS!

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