Net Neutrality and Kneecaps

Hi.  Quick word from the Screaming Candle, AKA Patrick Lewis, about Net Neutrality.

This concept has a horrendous name, so hang in while I explain.

It’s really a shakedown by internet providers to websites for continued access at usable speed.  It should be Comcast/Verison/Company you’ve never heard of kneecaps your website or service if you don’t pay them more for transport issue.  Maybe Net Neutrality is a better name.

Here’s the thing, with all the double speak, fake news, gaslighting going on, it’s another way for big companies you aren’t even aware of and have never agreed to do business with being able to subtly get you to watch what they want you to watch.  How?  By making EVERYTHING slow and then only letting what they want you to see/hear/use go through at a normal speed.  This gives any and every company in the chain of supply from the source to you a veto power on what you will be able to do on the net.

Of course, that’s not how they are selling it.  The current argument against Net Neutrality is that you can pay extra for extra fast service for some things.  That, in technical jargon, is bullshit.  This is not a way to encourage innovation, it stifles innovation.  This is a way to put a barrier to entry to a small website like so you can’t access it as easily in favor of a bigger website that can pay extra, above and beyond their standard fees for service.

And let’s be real, here’s what happens under Net Neutrality.  Netflix uses (theoretically) 50 gigs per second (theoretically, they use way more) They pay for that bandwidth to their provider.  They realize that they need more, say double.  They contract with their provider to get more.  The provider now has twice as much money to spend expanding their own service.  They might even need to contract a better pipe up the line which then transfers some of the funds up and so on.  THIS IS HOW THE INTERNET WAS BUILT AND IT SEEMS TO HAVE WORKED PRETTY WELL SO FAR!  Breaking Net Neutrality is just a cash grab and a way to technically and legally affect what you are able to watch.

So, by whatever name, support net neutrality.  Your freedom of thought is at stake.

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