Recharging, Revitalizing and Rewriting

Ok, so this summer sucked.  The highlight of the summer has been continuing to publish stories, but to be frank, everything else has been really hard.  Work, family, and working through the morass of my own mind has been a struggle.

And yes, the writing has suffered.  I’ve blown through my backlog and have also bumped up against a part in The Strange that I really want to rewrite.  Not that I’m getting huge traction on the story, but it’s not like I want to put out crap.

All that said, I’m not in a huge hurry.  One of the major personal health issues I need to address before it addresses me is stress.  And yeah, I know that sounds completely “pussy” but I’m trying to work out hypertension issues while having two ailing family members in my dad and my father in law, plus my wife’s issues and a disabled but increasingly capable son.  In short, I’m prioritizing this and working to find the time to do it right.

You know, I understand that this is another one of those “I’m late” messages.  I fear I’m judging myself against the standard of other people who are serializing fiction.  I don’t know if those folks are better writers, not nearly so lazy, putting out unedited copy, young and with too much time on their hands, or what.  All I know is that this guy right here is working at a very wobbly pace now because a couple of meteors have been thrown at my home planet.  I sincerely hope that anyone who is reading my work understands that.  I’m not being lazy or a diva or a perfectionist.  Publishing like this was meant to set a fire under my ass and it has done that.  I’ll get it done but I’m not giving myself a complex for not keeping to schedule.

That’s about it.  The next two episodes will be jar episodes and then things get into a higher gear.  Hopefully the people who have started will be patient while I get my act together and future readers won’t care.  That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

Stay tuned and stay weird.


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