I bailed

Ok, so I bailed.  I bailed because life is totally sucking for me right now and this just isn’t a priority.  If it was, I’d be done by now.  While Nano is about feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments, how I feel about myself matters for shit in this world and I know it.

I’m going to be taking down the Minions posts here in a bit and concentrate on finishing the stories out there.  Then I’ll reassess because hardly anyone is reading this shit and it takes an inordinate amount of time to do.  Yeah, writing for me is fun and all, but writing JUST for me is kinda bullshit.  I’m spending a great deal of time talking to the fucking wind.

I’m aware of how bitter this comes off and give not a single fuck.  The funny part is I’ll still likely rack up a handful of robo-likes and pageviews from China.  Ne-how!

So, I’m going to go quiet until I can find some joy in this shit.

-Stay Weird



2 thoughts on “I bailed

  1. Good for you for quitting ,yay! NaNo sucks. It should be “read 10 new book this month” month. Or 5. We writers need more of you readers, not competition. The world is filled with books that no one reads, shelves are filled with books that no one has read, landfills are filled with books that wanted to be read! READ! BUY MY BOOK. Read it. That is all.


  2. You know, that’s really not where I was going with this, A.Writer. I quit on Nano because I’m an adult and have adult responsibilities. And if Nano was providing me with a break from those adult responsibilities and providing some joy or satisfaction in the form of readership, correspondance, respect, etc. then maybe I would have continued but it wasn’t and didn’t so I bailed.

    Now clearly, I was aggravated when I posted this. When I started writing on this project in February I thought I’d have more traction and wouldn’t have so many real life problems to contend with. And I thought Nano would help, but it hasn’t. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing. And incidentally I’m no one’s competition and no one is my competition. I compete with myself to tell each story and each piece of a story in a better and more entertaining fashion than my last story. This is possibly my greatest source of aggravation as I don’t think I’m doing this. In fact, with the emphasis being on speed, which is what attracts eyeballs, I’m debating whether or not quality is decreasing.

    So, I guess I’m amused by your thought here. I’ve been at this for almost a year and no one has snarked or trolled me. I’m not completely sure which this is, but it’s one or the other.

    So with that, I think I’ll try to get back to where I was before Nano, before my dad decided to almost die, before my son had a terrible time of his autism/adhd/behavior problems, and before I stopped having fun with this. I’ve a few things in mind along that line, but time will tell if they bear fruit.

    Good day and Stay Weird



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