ScreamingCandle is the publishing vehicle for the work of Patrick Lewis of Washington DC.  As a reader and writer, I’m endlessly fascinated by the strange and awesome as well as the mundane. I’d like to say that I have some kind of philosophy behind my fiction, but I really don’t.  I shoot for awesome and am liberal with the “magic goop” in my stories.  I tend to hit topics that are recent because that’s what is on my mind.

As this progresses, it will be pretty obvious that I have only the simplest and most flimsy of plans for this site and my work in general.  While I’ve written things that go down a number of different paths, I intend to run with posts on a particular piece until it’s done or at a natural stopping point.  This is for me more that anything else because I’m an easily distracted and lost soul.

The origins of ScreamingCandle come about simply because my real name, Patrick Lewis, is somewhat boring and not terribly unique.  Now… I like my name, it’s just that when you have people flat out telling you that they have met someone else with that name it no longer feels like a unique snowflake.

The name itself is ripped completely off of the name of a band two college friends and roommates, Eric Liebner and Joel Swan formed with some other person.  It was part of a progression from Laughing Candle, Laughing Candle and the Flesh Chair Disciples, etc, that were essentially Eric, Joel and company.  The idea that the candle was screaming because you’d scream too if your head was on fire and melting your brains struck me as funny and so I took it. Having been an integral part of the founding of that fount of nonsense, I don’t feel too bad for pulling that nugget back out.

So… that’s the gist.  This site will remain free and will remain active as long as people are still interested.

Stay weird.