Liquid Wax

Behold the candle before it has completely cooled.  Or maybe it’s the runoff from the wick that burned too hot.  Liquid Wax is where I am going to put the Other.  Stuff that I wrote and like but isn’t The Strange and isn’t it’s own project yet.  Some of it is just there, some of it is there temporarily to see if people think it’s interesting enough to go long with, and some of it probably shouldn’t have ever left my junk folder.  Unlike The Strange, I’m not going to work on teasing this out and I don’t intend to have a schedule.  I’m flat out asking for feedback here, so let me know what you like or what you think I’m doing well or should do more of.  Or less of.  There is that too.

So without further ado, here’s the liquid wax.

Pilot Episodes.  Do these concepts have legs?  Should I write more?  Please tell me.